Fight, Breath, Live.

Live So the lovely Miss Anya Ohmai and her sister Sue, owner of Beetlebones, opened up shop! And sue released these amazing mesh clothes, and I had to blog. That when I remembered today was the last day of Hair Fair, and it was official my first ever Bandanna day. So, I dressed up, and had this picture in my head for a long time, after I found some lovely poses from Del May (will credit later, forgot to when i took the pictures) and BAM, the idea for this photo series came about. Below, however, are classic Rosie rambling, and some thoughts and words from me, about cancer, and fighting it. Credits, as always are down below.  Please take a moment to vist Hair Fair, Love Donna Flora, and Beetlebones and !Ohmai, today, and don’t forget your bandanna ❤


Fight, Breath, Live.

We all have our ups and downs, that’s not really a surprise is it? But it seems like the can’t, or more so, won’t, stop for you to get back up. Sometimes it’s like falling at the shore of the ocean, u laugh oh man, I fell wups, but if you don’t get up right away, the current and waves can pull you back, and back and back, until you’re unable to stand at all, and the only thing under you is the deep depth darkness of a unkind sea for those who fall into it. That’s what cancer, and any sort of illness that inflicts it’s self upon people does. You are drug down into a world of sadness, depression, fear, loss of hope, and over all, unknown. The main reason the world is in shambles is because we as Humans fear the unknown and unsure. We can’t control 99% of what goes in around us, near us, with us, but we do control a small portion of it, and because of that, we feel backed into a cold hard corner and a huge ferocious lion is coming to gobble up us tiny bunnies. This is more true for cancer patients  that I know. Giving the change, most would tell you they’d do anything to never have had cancer, to never wish it upon their worst enemy. And it’s true that it’s something that you can only fight with time, taking care of your self, and faith in that what you are doing will fix all the problems. Yet we never know if that’s enough, or if it will work. I bring this all up because lately I’ve found out that a good number of my friends on sl and in plurk have had, or have, cancer. Things like Wigs for Kids, that Hair Fair helps raise money for, and Love Donna Flora, are just two small examples of people in sl going st it together to help those who are at the point of not being able to help themselves. Over the Past month i’ve been hit with brick after brick of cancer stories, my own experience with it not to cute, my grandfather had colon cancer when i was young, and even after he recovered from it, he was never the same, and the effect it had on his body is what caused him to die one day when he was brought in for surgery on a hole they found in his heart. The years her was sick was not a good time, for anyone, and more so it made me scare for his life, not worry about death of my own, but rather not wanting to see someone i care for hurt.

I commend each person who has cancer who is bettering their life, how they eat, exercise, look at the stupid things they used to care for, and in turn are not looking for light instead of stressing over how much a pair of shoes costs. This blog post doesn’t really have a purpose, it’s just thoughts that have been spilling in my head for a month now since Hair Fair and Love Donna Flora have been going on. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your hair, or be told you have 6 months to live. I can only see from the outside the pain one feels ,and i’m sure, that it hurts a million times more than what I feel just watching those I love be in pain.

So, I guess this blog is to tell you three things


Fight as if there is a race and the end, at the end, is nothing but peace. No award, no champion, but just, peace. A beach, or a tree house, a cool afternoon breeze. Happiness in the form of quiet, and tranquil. No laws, no pressures, no nothing. At the end of this race is just peace. Fighting to get there, not for others, or for what you want in the future, but what you need. Peace. Keep running towards that, and some where along the way you’ll find that, you had peace all along. And it was just time that needed to pass for you to find it



Take that moment to forget the pain, the sadness, and just breath. There is something magical that happens when you breath. There is air, all around us, but that one breath you take in, is what keeps you alive, and then that one, and that on e, and that one. And forever on it goes, breathing in breaths. Remember that breathing, is what keeps you living. You can go weeks with out food, days with out water, but only minutes with out air. Don’t neglect that. Just, breath, and let yourself breath. Relax and breath. That can heal you more than you know.



This is last, because it’s the most important. Just because your sick doesn’t mean it’s the end. Every second your alive, even doing the most stupid thing like walking down the stairs, pulling that hair off your sweater,  or just tieing your hair up in a bun, those little moments, make life. We ignore that fact that we are alive when bad happens, but you don’t need to. The doctors say 6 months, I say fuck it. Whatever, it’s life right now, not six months when you’ll be in a hospital bed dying. It hurts, and it’s not fun, but it’s still life. You  can’t see the light with out the dark, and you can’t see the dark with out the light. Shadows are all around us, but with out them we have no depth. Remember that, and just live. Laugh when you can, well I say laugh all the time, because it’s fun and it’s worth it. And Love those you have, and live with them and bring them light, because if you shine, they shine. And when it’s all over, and you’ve won that race, and you’ve breathed that breath, then you are living, and make your  after cancer, worth it, don’t go back on the promise you made yourself. Keep it, and live.


I don’t know what i just wrote, if I’m honest. But I hope this helps someone. I hope it’s not intruding, or see as me being a sap, or looking for attention, or being some kind of goodie goodie. Because it isn’t any of that. It’s just what’s in my head and I wanted to share it.

– Rose ❤


  • Bandanna: !Ohmai: Hair Fair 2013 Bandana by Anya Ohmai (Hair Fair 2013)
  • Skin: Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE)
  • Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes – Wheat (XS)
  • Makeup: -tb- Indie Liner Style 5, (fd) Glitter (Face)
  • Lashes: (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002
  • Hairbase: ISON – hairbase (vivids 04)
  • Dress:  ::BB::CALYPSO TANKDRESS (Vanila) (NEW!)
  • Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium S
  • Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1
  • (Hand and Feet applier from Essences in Light Rose, nail applier from Uglydorthy)


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