The Rosie Posie Blog is a blog filled with everything from fashion to news, to silly tid bits of information that cycle it’s way through the slife of Rose (NamiNaeko Resident)

Hi there, I’m Rose, or as some of you might know me as, NamiNaeko.

I’ve been in SL for over a year now, and have learned many things in my time spent in this massive game. Along with developing a love and taste for, a more bizarre and unique fashion, I’ve also been jumping into the world of reality, and facing real life topics that also relate to SL. My blog is centered around the idea of bring you, the reader, content that is both entertain, informative, and over all, enjoy able to read. From fashion blogs, to hard hitting topics, to even simple posts about advice and everyday slife, I am here to take you along with me as I explore the other sides of SL, the sides that most people just see as fashion and drama.

Through my experiences and opportunities presented to me through Second Life, I have found that it’s time to bring forth my ideas and let my voice be heard. What I say may bother others, but I want to express myself the best I can and tell the world my views on things. This is my blog to share with you all that I have learned, seen, and been through in sl, I hope you enjoy the ride!

–  Rose ❤

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