2 Little Princesses..and some peacocks.

2 little

So me and my lovely little Isleybug were goofing off running around in our kid avis, and it struck me, why not do a blog post. Ok so, why do a blog post? Because before i relogged to take the blog picture, I had attached these lovely cute peacocks, news for the birthday round of Collab88, from Mishmish, and it refused to dettach, and so did a hud I put on, and one of my projects that i uploaded to test. So I was a mess, and running round as a tiny princess with a peacock attached to me. And I thought, why not blog? Heck, I look goofy already, might as well make it fun. So, this blog post is short and simple ,and really just to show off these lovely Disney Princess inspired dresses from Inner Peach found at the Heritage Gacha, and these so cute and lovely wearable pet peacocks from MishMish for collab!

2 littteeHeritage Gacha – Inner Peace Enchanted Princess Dresses, shoes & tiaras
Isley:  Meria Dress and Set
Rose: Jassy Dress  and Set

– Rose ❤

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