If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do use one of the follow to get in contact with me so that I may help you with that you are looking for or talk to you about whatever it is you wish to speak about.
(Note: Just because I give my sl username out does not mean I will accept all friend requests sent to me, or answer all IM’s, leaving me a notecard will more than likely be better than IMing out of the blue.)

(please only email if it is a very important matter (mostly business related).  Comments and questions should be directed to one of the other forms of contacting me)

In World: Naminaeko Resident

Flickr Account:


.Olive.’s Facebook:


Any questions about a look, or comments about something related to one of my post, should be directed towards the corresponding flickr post about it, seeing how the comment section there is easier to follow.

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