TRPB: Blogger Meme – the real me is sota unprefect

So, i should be sleeping, but instead i’m slowly melting away from stress and anxiety  I can’t sleep. I’ve considered for a while now what it is that I want to kick start my blog with, rather than just fashion blogs, but more interesting, and in depth sorta of pieces that get the reader thinking. Inspired off of Natalee Oddles, my lovely sister, and one of my closest friends, Disney Blogger Challenge, and the current meme brought to light by amazing blogger Strawberry Singh, I thought I’d throw myself in the mix, offering up “blogger” styled memes.

Ofc this isn’t a real “Rose” sort of thing unless there is a twist to it. This meme is opened to anyone, blogger, or just flickr/plurk/facebook user. All you need is a picture of your avatar and a moment to sit down and answer the question and/or do the challenges set forth in each of the TRPB(the rosie posie blog) meme’s. There are no limits to your creativity, or when each meme should be done by. Since theses are memes and not full out blogger challenges, you are free to do them in how ever order, style, posting format, you like. I rather see creative and exciting, then the same thing over and over. Don’t get me wrong, most blogger challenges and memes out there are amazing, but I’m not normal, if you haven’t picked up on that by now, and I enjoy seeing other non normals around me.



For this one, I kept it simple. All you need is a picture of your avi, doing what? doesn’t matter. Where? Don’t care. Edited? Shadows? Nude? Up to you, I have no control over that part, so do whatever you like. Second part? Answer the following questions, in whatever order, fashion, style you want. Only thing I ask is if you do this meme, you leave a link under my flickr post, or here on this blog post, about it. That’s all. Sooo, what are the questions  I wanted to make this fun, and, really, not what you expect, so the following questions are…interesting!  They are meant to point out parts of us we rather keep hidden, and expose those little things you don’t notice, how people answer these questions will show you parts of them that you normally don’t see, because these are more thought provoking questions-at least that was the aim ;u;

1. What is the thing you fear most in the world above dying(that is if you fear death)?

  • Not being able to live up to my own exceptions of myself. And falling into the pit of what everyone expects of me.

2. When’s the last time you sat down and contemplated where your life was going, and what did you concluded from that?

  • The other night, I was lying in bed, about to fall sleep, and it hit me that changing my goals for my education, has allowed me the ability to take any path I want in life. I want to major in art, fine art, and be a master of each type. This means I can go to any school in any state in any part of the country.  I’m not limited to a certain subject that is taught only at this and that place. It was really freeing.

3. If you could give any one person in the world a wish, a wish you knew you could grant, what would it be, and why would you give it to them?

  • I’m not really sure how to answer this one, since I just thought it up on the spot, but I’d say, I’ve given that wish, me being the genie with the powers to grant them, to my little sister. If i could i’d combined both my little sisters into that. Reason? Because as much as they hate to admit it, they all came from the same place, and we all are one. So I know there is good inside of them, and given the chance to have a true wish granted, I doubt either would be selfish

4. Cat, dog, rabbit, horse, chicken, dolphin? There are so many animals in the world, if you could be one, and had to think, act, be like one, with out human thoughts, emotions, perception of the world, which would you be, and why?

  • Most people will say cats, or a dog. But given the fact that I won’t be a human in an animal’s body, but actually be that animals and think as they do, I’d have to say, more than likely a water animal, something in the ocean. A dolphin, for sure, would be something to consider. Water has always been important to me, so the life of a water animal just seems so much more interesting.

5. Today is the last day you’ll ever see your family. Some you may love, some you may hate, other you may not have any emotional attachment to. What would you do?

  • If I knew I would never see them again, I’d more than likely just make one last happy memory with them. Tears would happen ofc, that’s natural  but I’d just sit there and laugh with them, enjoy the last moments together. Not fight, not throw insults. I’d hug them alot. This is sorta o a depressing question. WUPS SORRY.

6. Given the chance to travel to one country -ONLY – in your whole life, other than the one you’ve grown up in, or have found yourself living in (pretend you’ve gone to no other country in the world other than the one you now call home) where would it be? Why, and for how long?

  • This is a bit of tricky one. Natural answer would be Colombia, since my parents are from there and I would love to be able to go there. But I’m not sure if I was only given one place to go, if that would be my choice. I’d have to pick Japan. I’ve loved it since  I was small ,and the culture is just very alluring. I’d more than likely plan on going there for years, and absorbing myself in their culture, both of their cities, and their more classic, judo, rustic sorta of life. It’s just so peaceful and nature filled. 

7. Quick you have to pick 5 things to take with you as you are rushing out of the house- you don’t know what’s happening, where you’re going, whom is taking you where, or why, but you do know you can carry about 5 things, in the small bag you’ve given to take with you. What do you choose?

  • Some sort of pen/pencil/marker-if not a set tucked away in a pencil-case if I have it on hand. Something to write on, paper, a folder, spiral. Socks, always ALWAYS socks are important. A knife, or something sharp enough that it can function as one if need be.  Photo of my family, or of any random happy memory. String/hairband/something string like-scarf maybe.  and last, would have to a container, for water storage, or to store anything that might need something like that.

8. You’re sitting in a dream, you can tell you’re dreaming, but you’re not awake enough to move. What do you see? Is anyone there? (be creative, make something up, or recall a dream you had before)

  • There are a few people there, normally, i’m watching them possibly talking, it’s usually me either doing something simple, or talking to someone. We are in a simple room, not really white, but not really colorful. It’s almost open feeling ,airy. You can hear the sea, but you can’t see it. There’s a breeze, there is no roof to the room, so you can see birds flying over, and clouds moving, but there is no doors to lead out. None of that matters as I’m too focused on the conversation action at hand. It’s not threatening  but it’s not completely warm and inviting, but it’s ok. woah roz @_@

9. What color do you think you are?

  •  I would say the rainbow, but of late, I think I’m a mint color, with a splatter of lime green.

10.  If when it came to blogging, if you blog, no one say your blogs, no one commented, no one noticed, no one cared, at all, would you keep blogging? 

  • I’m sure many will say “yes” to this, but truly, I would say no. if no one got influenced by my writing, I wouldn’t do it. I don’t write 100% for myself. Yes i do write alot, and most of the time it’s just me talking to me, but there is that tiny percent of me that knows, at least one person will see this, and they just SEEING it, somehow will effect them, even if they know it or not. Not having that, would make my blog into a journal, and i honestly don’t care for jorunaling


SO THERE U HAVE IT, my frist meme thing,’s 5am, i have to be up for school in 4 sleep is now in order!hope you all enjoyed, and so sorry for all the typos and spelling issues and just..messy messy gooy gooy. You all don’t have to take these questions as deep as I did, but feel free to do so if you wish ^ . ^

Til next time bean sprouts

– Rose ❤

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