TRPB: Blogger Meme – Be Your Idol

BYI banner

Ahhh! Another meme? Blame is on a friend of mine for posting  the music video by Paramore, on my plurk TL. It was all down hill from there. Soooo, as you can tell by the title and the pretty banner, this meme is about dressing up and posing like your favorite music idol! If not your favorite, then one you just really love the style of.  You can choose just one or many artists. It can be someone from a band or a solo artist!


1. Have a picture of your avatar posing as your choosen idol. Can be anyone, from any time, from anywhere in the world! Be creative, no limits!
2. Post a RL picture of your idol
3. Fill out the following info

  • Idol’s Name:
  • Picture:
  • Are they in a Band? If so what is it’s name?
  • Why did you choose this person?
  • Link to one of the songs/music videos

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a blog post sorta meme. Meaning? You can edit your pictures as you want. This isn’t really suppose to be a blogger post, where you wouldn’t typically edit crazy amounts over your image. You are free to draw over your picture, edit coloring, add wording, etc etc, because I know sometimes SL items don’t really match the items of RL, so, have fun and make your picture amazing!

Pretty darn simple huh? Not yet convinced? Well then, here let ME have a go at it.

byi picture

  • Idol’s Name: Haley Williams
  • Picture:
  • Are they in a Band? If so what is it’s name?: Paramore ❤
  • Why did you choose this person?:
    I’ve been in love with paramore since I was about 14? They were that “band” for me. At the time I was trying to figure out what kind of music I liked the most. Paramore sorta just was one of those bands that stuck with you. Considering that it wasn’t so long ago that I was 14, this band is still young and fresh, so I know alot of people that do still like their music. I admire Haley for alot of reasons. Main? Her voice is beautiful and the lyrics she sings are heartfelt, but that’s not really it. It’s her confidence  and expression. She can dye her hair orange, and she owns it. She just, is this girl who is always a colorful, full of life, tiny little thing. I admire that! Right before coming up with this meme, a friend posted on plurk the latest music video by Paramore, and Haley was in this super cute but cool outfit, very much like my style, so I HAD to do this! It’s funny because I spent HOURS  working on this, and in the end i ended up having to photoshop the right color of the skirt in, and the hair, well i tinted it in world!
  • Link to one of the songs/music videos

And that’s it! That’s all you’ve gotta do.  So what ya waiting for? Get a move on! Go gogogo! Remember to post a comment below with your post 😀

– Rose ❤

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