The Big Move…. Goodbye Blogspot, hello Word Press!


Sooooo, it’s been many months since I’ve posted any sort of blog, or update, why is this? Well, two main reason: 1. RL School and 2. .Olive. has been my main proriety or the past..4 or 5 months now? So I haven’t really been in the mood to blog, when I’ve been trying to turn out new items each week or at least twice a month. That being said, there is another reason, and it’s that I haven’t really been in the feeling of blogging. Sure, I started blogging in sl, showing other cool freebies and what not, but that has long since dead, since I no longer freebie hunt (though with the upcoming summer and promise of more time to just relax, I might start hunting again) I’ve just become over all bored with sl fashion-in the sense that I no longer get that high from taking a picture and showing it all off to you.

This all being said, lately I’ve come to notice that I do miss blogging, but not so much the fashion part of it, but more so that part of being able to write to you all.  I’m genuinly not really sure, how many of you actually sit there and read my novel long rants and ramble. But, to whom that do, thank you, it means my words aren’t a waste, and that at least someone is taking them in.

This brings me to something I wish to address to my readers. I’ve decided it’s time for me, both in real life, and sl, to get serious. No no, do not fret, this does not mean I’m going to start wearing business suits and acting like an upperty brown noser. No, what it means is that, I am going to start transitioning into taking what I do, seriously. SL to me right now is not a job, and I truly never want it to get to that point, because I love it so, but, it has provided me with many opportuinties and I haven’t passed up. I’m very lucky and honored to be invited, and have the chance to take part in such events and SL Fashion Week, the Arcade, Fifth Linden Friday, and now, The Liaison Collaborative (which has two events: The Boutique and The Garden-which I am taking part of each month in both). Over the past year I have seen a side of sl I wasn’t aware was there, and have had the chance to meet people who take creating and running a business to a whole new level. It’s truly been an amazing path that I’ve stumbled down, and I’d never trade it in.

Now, what does this all have to do with my blog? Simple, from this point on, my blog, The Rosie Posie Blog, will be geared towards bring you not just the occusional fashion blog, but articels and entries about things occuring in sl, events, sims, and over all, just the things that matter to us most as a community.  I’ve wanted to for a long time, really kick my blogging up a knotch, and with the move over from blogspot to now wordpress, I feel much more ready and thrilled at this new prospect that I am embarking on. Over the next year, many things in my rl are going to change, and I want to capture what I can in SL while I still have the change to be so commited to it. So, this is a promise to you my dear readers, that I’ll write and write, and post, and take pictures, and bring you thrilling, intersting ,and creative content that will keep you coming back for more.

So, ending this off, I do have one tiny request from you, and it’s this: I want you’re feed back. Under each of my posts, is a comment section, and I want to see it slowly fill with you’re replies. It’s thrilling to know that those reading my words have an opion of their own, and I’m dying to hear them! So, don’t feel shy or scared to drop a little “Hi” or a reply to whatever I post, I’m here for you, so why not get involved? I’m always here for a chat 😀

And now, I’m must bid you all Adue~ is that even spelled right? Oh lordy, it begins!

Til Next time my little buds

– Rose ❤

One thought on “The Big Move…. Goodbye Blogspot, hello Word Press!

  1. Weeeheeee! Hi There!

    Surely SL needs more bloggers who are not only blogging about newest releases. Playing a paperdoll with your avatar is nice and all, but I can hardly find a blog which covers events in SL. Good luck with your writing!;)♥

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