My Horns aren’t anybody’s Business

(photo is highly edited, look below for more accurate pictures as seen inworld)
Soo, Hi, i’m alive. Yes, it’s been a COUPLE months since i posted anything, and I hang my head in shame, but hey! alot of things have changed over those couple months soo don’t hateme :c. Biggest news? My mom was put back in the hosptial for almost a month and she got out this Monday. Soo, my life hasn’t been “I MUST BLOG” lately, and more like “MOM BE OK” Sooo there is that. Also, school ended last week and i passed all my classes but have to repate one, and then I am done for the year 😀 annnnd last but for sure not least, .Olive. has had ALOT happen to it. I hope to do a mega post on all the goings on with it, but for those of you who are loyal, i’ll let you in on a secret: .Olive. will be growing to more than just accessories soon, and a new branch will be opening in the future reflecting  that 😀 Soooo, look out guys, I’ll be putting out group gifts and what not soon related to it!
Ok on to the post this time. Since I’ve been undergoing alot of growing up and muturing, I decided to take an artistic turn with my blog posts. I hate holding back when I want to edit something, and I have been trying to do that with blog for months, not letting anything get TOO out of control for the fear people will hate me. But, after much thought, and a long time without actually blogging, I made up my mind and said, ya know what? this is my blog. That’s it, I go with what feels rights. And this photo here, which IS highly edited, to me, isn’t just a blog post, but also a beautiful piece of art I stuck my heart into. So from now on my blog posts will be on the more artistic side.
With that being said, the picture below, as you can see, is not edited at all other than adding a few shadows behind the images for a nice pop. I’ll also, ofc, provide you with images of the items with out editing so you can see it’s true form :3

Another things, is I’ll be cutting down on my long blog posts. I’m sure some enjoy it, but I can tell most don’t. And, I don’t have the same amount of time i used to to commit to make huge posts talking about each item, but I will try 😀

In this post got a bunch of wonderful things. This dress from Yome Shoujo has been on my dream list for almost a good year. And these horns from the new Gacha that [AUX] released at the December Zodiac event made me finally buy it. These unicorn colors are so typical me, and the dress, it’s just, perfect? Yeah I’m guessing that’s the word I need, perfect. The hair, which also, is pretty bright, is a recent buy from Exile, and there new color pack, Wild Fusion, is my new love. I thought I loved Lamb’s hair choices? This kind of possible hit it out of the ball park for me. From all this color, I needed SOMETHING to rein in it, so I could not scare you all, and these new stockings from “Jim” are perfect! The outline of the Eiffel tower? Umm, YES PLEASE? When my sister Jim showed me these my jaw dropped. It’s such a creative idea! Jimbo you are growing girl love it, please keep making pretty things so I can be pretty too :> Last, but not least by any means, are these shoes which are a store release from [whatever]. The Stellas! Epp, just, take a moment to STARE at them. Yes, yes this is happening. Ok, are you done? Or wait-oh, oh you need a another moment?  That’s fine-but here take this tissue you’re drooling a bit. Okay, how about now? We good to move on? Alright, as you can see these shoes, are, well, it’s hard to put a good word down next to them that would describe them…how about..sensational ? I think that might work. it’s not just that these are pretty, but they are crazy! Anne (Candy) made these bad boys in about a million colors with 3 platue options each. huh, all i can say is that your feet need them. K? K.

Well that about wraps this up! More soon my loves :3 Miss you all terribly, hope to post regularly soon 😀

– Rose ❤

  • Hair: ::Exile:: Fade Into You: Pink Sugar
  • Skin: -tb- {Light} Blessa: Clean – Dark Brows
  • Eyes: Dead Apples – Nebula Eyes – Fantasy Edition -Surnrise (NEW!)
  • Makeup: Dead Apples – Ose Shadows – Ose Blue
  • Horns: [Aux] In Dreams – Horns – Unicorn (RARE) (@ the Zodiac)
  • Dress: xxYOMESHOUJOxx *LovelyZebra/antiQ*
  • Stockings: “Jim”-Europe Stockings-France (MP)
  • Shoes: [whatever] stella  – cyan – [BLACK] (new store exclusive release)

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