I am Me: Rose

There is this little trend going around on flickr about posting pictures that express your style and who you are in sl. There is a flick group all about it, and I decided to give it a spin. This comes at a good time, like god giving me a nudge to say “Remember Rose, no matter what’s happening, you’ve gotta be that bright funny you.” Silly i know but it’s nice to be reminded of who you really are once in a while :3

Quick Credits:
Hair: (fd) Stone Soup
Skin: UglyDorothy Skin of Sunday 23
Eyes: Dead Apples Drowned Blue

Hair: [Burley] Sirah Manget Yogurt #6/tinited streaks myself
Skin: Tres Blah Indie (Tan) plain jane
Eyes: Dead Apples Drowned Blue

I posted this on flickr, but wanted to post it also on my blog so that any of my readers from here can see 😀
Flick post: Here
Flickr Group: Here

So thanks to little miss elisaokkbye, I’m now going to flood you with a post :3 Enjoy~ AND YES THIS IS ABOUT 3945083405938590 3 WORDS LONG :3 get use to it.

   { I am Me. Rose. }
When I first started sl, I had no idea, no clue, no goal at all. I just  wanted to make a pretty avi. I was restricted, like many of us, to what I could afford or find for free. It’s because of that though, that my style has come into what it is today. I always would win the weird hair hunt prize or buy the special freebie group color this or that. So, in a way, I  kind of was set up like this from the start. I don’t stick to norms, I try them out, and see if I LIKE them, but I tend to stray. Most wear blonde, red, brown, or black hair, but I am the one who buys the pack labeled “rainbow.”  My style has gone from tacky cute, to, still tacky, but with alot more color xD  I jumped into roleplaying and had a silly character in the start. She would wear odd things and be a wizard artist. It was an odd combo but she was alot like I now have become in life and that’s why I tend to be a bit off the wall. My style is a mix of what works for me and what my characters in rp come up with!


   { S h a p e }  Believe this or not, but this is one of my first, and only, noob shapes.  It was a freebie from Censored back in the days when they had that white shopping mall build and they had two walls full of group gift. I believe it was a freebie shape from June of 2011, not sure. But I’ve mod it time and time again, but rarely have I ever touched or messed with the face. Something about it is just, perfect. Most skins tend to not mold right to it, but the few that do, oh boy, let me tell you, they are beautiful. I really don’t like any other shape for my typical skins, I use a couple from [Whatever] that are made for body co skins, but other than that, I’m pretty much glued to this one. She’s my fav and I really don’t care what anyone says about her :3

{ S k i n }  Right now I switch between these two skins, one from My UglyDoroth and this one I bought not to long ago from Tres Blah. I really think it’s my friend’s fault for why I love this style of skin. She took my to Mother Goose when I first started and sat me down and made me wait for the lucky boards for about 3 hours at one point. Safe to say I still go back and try to get her newest lucky board skins xD seeing how those were my first skins, the sort of teen, pure, flushed looking skins are my go to. I really can’t remember what other skin I ever used other than Mother Goose, UglyDoroth and now Tres Blah. I think, Tres blah is by far my favorite. I’ve been straying at the !lamb and clawtooth photos for months now wanting to know so bad what makeup they use or skins they are, and this whole time they were just in the store across the sim xD I’m too in love with their skins. I want them all in every shade, color makeup. ugh xD They are just so real looking, the flushes cheeks and the smoldering eyes are so my style. I wanna thank my little owl pelt for taking me there. I’m so in love, it’s not ok. *clings to tres blah, battles lag for love*

   { S k i n t o n e }  Most skins that work are me are light ones, but I don’t really mind either way, I think darker skin tones in SL are made so well, the ones from body co and uglydoroth are superb. I wore a tan skin from Mother Goose for a long time as it was my rp characters skin. I really like darker skin tones if they work well with my shape, because hair and clothing doesn’t matter to me if the skin is beautiful.

   { E y e s }  For the longest time I ran around with freebie eyes, that were horrible lol. I just wore em because I never could afford anything else. Then one day I did a hunt and got a pair of Mayfly eyes. I was in love, I wore there petite demo for the longest time because it came with the eye layer so I just wore that and not the super tiny mesh eyes xD I loved them, the coloring was so pretty, but then I found from Ikon eyes and wore them til my pixels could take no more, and then, came the day when Candy took me to Dead apples and I lost it. These eyes are priceless. They look so real and the coloring is beyond beautiful. I don’t take them off now, and it’s hard to compare honestly. I bought the horror pack she released a bit ago and by god, the red blood ones are scary but so cool. I don’t want any other eyes but Dead Apples for a very long time.

{ M a k e u p }  Ha! Rose wearing makeup in sl or rl? Not really something that happens alot, well, until I found Cheap Makeup at Tableau. I’m stuck on their Parisian eyebrows, I don’t want anything else. They also have a freebie pair of tatto lashes that I wear all the time. I used to wear the mesh lashes from ::BB:: all the time, but then I found these tattoo ones and it was all over. I’m pretty much devoted to that store, and if someone gave me about 20k lindens just to use, I would buy everything from them, if 20K would even cover that xD The same goes for Dead Apples, though not shown here, I tend to wear her lipsticks and eye makeups alot. They are all beautiful and they work well if you pair them with the right thing.

  { H a i r }  Ugh ugh ugh, wears all the haiiiiirrrs. I’m s sucker for hair, though I am picky, I haaaaaaate modding my shape in anyway from the neck up, so if a hair doesn’t fix and an alpha doesn’t work, I tend to not care how pretty it is, it really just isn’t me XD. I love Magika’s hair, and have for a long time, but I have to say (fd) / or know as fashionably dead’s hair are my style. This one, called Stone Soup, with the pot on the head, is my favorite hair of all time in sl. THERE IS A POT ON MY HEAD FOR THE LOVE OF JUMPING YELLOW POKA DOT JELLY BEANS. How can i NOT love a brand that imaginative? It’s almost a crime against nature to not love them. I own 4 or 5 of their hairs at the moment and when I get more L’s I more than likely will convince myself to buy more. The thing with me is, I don’t like normal colors, I am the girl in all the pictures wearing the black lips and the neon green, pink, yellow, purple, and blue hair. I hate being normal in sl because I’m so plain and blah irl. Why not go for it? I want to live inside rainbows all the times, might as well start by putting them on my head!


This is me, my sl and flickr family. I’m a kook, but I love that. I like pretty girly things, but I’m not afraid to put on a man’s suit, or jeans, or hair! I like to express myself the way my personality and emotions would do: loud, colorful, and free-willing fun. I don’t want to be tied down to what people what from me or expect, I want to be the Nyna cat of life and just fly around on fluffy pink clouds and dance with unicorns. I want to be remembered not just for my style, but for the person I am.

My style can be one thing, but it’s my personality that never is going to stop :3 Pixels fade, keyboards break, mouses get lost, internet connections are turned off, but me, nope, I’m never gunna be anyone but me. c: AND NO  I am not high nor am I drunk, i really am just like this. This is Rose, if you hate it, than why are you reading this! ha :3

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