Jelly Bean MADNESS.

Hi hi hi! Hello there my little jellbeanies! It’s another wonderful post summer/ almost there but not really yet here in Florida/ day of fall! The birds are chirping, the sun is shinning, the air conditioner is on, and I, of course, went shopping. Shocker no? Well, how can you tell me not to buy things when Burley came out with new hair, The Secret Store is looking for bloggers, and I happened to win a matching bag to my Jellybean Camera? Ok, let’s maybe start from the beginning!
Today’s look is again, no surprise, a spur of the moment inspiration. I got a few items that were named Jellybean, and i just had to show them to you all! I’ve heard through the grape vine that The Secret Store is looking for blogger, I’m still on the fence on whether I should apply or not. I love their clothing but up until recently I haven’t bought a single thing. Feels a bit silly to just buy something just because a designer requires it! You should buy the clothes because you love them! That’s the kind of bloggers those designer want to see! That being said, I do, in fact love this yellow mesh blouse from them. I own something very similar to it irl, and it’s one of my favorite articles of clothing, so to own it in SL too, it’s just a treat. Along with it I bought these pair of black thigh high socks. For 30L, it’s a great deal, the texturing is beautiful. I rarely go crazy over socks, but these ones are pretty darn cute. I like the whole feel of the store to be pretty honesty. There isn’t just once style there, it’s a whole group of em. You can be punk, chic, glam, retro, hippie, indie, hipster  elegant  quirky! It doesn’t really matter there is so much stuff there that appeals to a great pool of people.
(all colors included come in the color pack Magnate Yogurt)
Lets move on to the next things, my haiiiiiir. I am not a huge fan of any hair that is 300L, no matter how beautiful or realistic it is. I just get sotra…sad that I can’t buy more of it because of the price. But that being said, I pushed aside my reservations and hopped on over to Burley to check out their new releases. There are 3 new female hairs and 3 new males. I bought one of the males, that looks like a lazy unjelled Mohawk, with a pony tail in the back, and then this one, Sirah, in both the Red and Magnate Yogurt color packs. All over sl I see girls sporting this hair, and I don’t blame them. At first I was a bit…stand offish about the hair, I wanted to only buy one hair and leave, but something about it just called to me. I’m in love. The hat, and the way the hair flows, it’s just very cool. I feel so hippie hipster right now, my mainstream is hurting. #10 in the pack is my favorite, for the likely reason that it’s green and I adore green in anything. I don’t see myself switching hairs soon-well that’s a lie until someone else releases a new hair!
Once again I am wearing my Tres Blah skin, along with my Cheap Makeup Parisian Eyebrows (in blackest black) and their FREE Eyelash Tattoo! I’m also wearing my set of Dead Apples eyes in Drowned blue. I can’t get enough of this combination, it’s become my favorite of late. As you can see, there is a new addition to my face, in my nose region actually. Yes my dear friends, those are jelly beans! The nose beans and the necklace are freebies found on the Marketplace, which I got back in my noobie days of sl. I forgot I had them, so when I searched jelly beans in my invi and they popped up I nearly fell out of my chair. I forgot how silly they are, but I love them! That’s who I am, the girl who sticks jelly beans up her nose, so not mainstream!
Ok so now, let’s talk about clothes a bit more. I bought this mint vest from TokiD a few weeks ago and have failed at pairing it with an outfit so far. But today when I put on this blouse from The Secret Store, I thought, might as well. It looks pretty cute and sort of matches the color blocking going on with the Tee*Fy Brownie Camera in Jellybean from the Arcade Gotcha Event, and this bag from Tee*fy also from a gotcha (the one found in their store, not at the event.) I got this bag on the first try and was pretty excited that I could match it with my camera.(which was the first camera I got from the arcade too!)
Last on my body are the boots! A friend of mine took me to a little store called U.One, and it’s a great store, especially if you are someone low on L’s. These boots only cost 15L! I know it’s a bit crazy but it’s right. I love them, I haven’t worn them yet until I put this look together and now, I just don’t want to take them off. They come in two other colors and I will be picking them up later. Everything at U.One is under 50L! I believe their skins and such are a bit more, but it’s really worth it for people starting off or though hunting for cheapies. They have everything and anything. and most of it is mesh!
  • Skin: -tb- Indie: Plan Jane (tan)
  • Hair: [BURLEY] Sirah – Magnate Yogurt Pack #10
  • Eyes: Dead Apples Mesh Eyes Drowned Blue
  • Lash Tattoo: Cheap Makeup – Tableau Lashes FREEBIE
  • Eyebrows: Cheap Makeup – Parisian Eyebrows: Blackest Black
  • Blouse: The Secret Store – Empire Blouse – Mustard
  • Vest: (TokiD) Sango Vest (Mint)
  • Shorts: *COCO* Group gift Denim Shorts
  • Socks: The Secret Store – Lace Knit socks (won from gotacha)
  • Boots: Boots (15L!)
  • JellyBean Accesories: Ana – JellyBean Nose & Necklace
  • Earrings: MG – Aletta (Collab88 Item /gold and silver worn on same ear)
  • Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Jellybean (found at the Arcade!)
  • Bag: Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag Color Block Yellow/Green (in-store gotcha!)

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