BeetleBones Pants and the Bees

oh well hi! It’s been a bit since I posted a blog, but I went on a mini vaca from blogging to work on other stuff and relax. Got alot of catching up to do that’s for sure! I’m be posting more dunning the week, maybe only a few seeing how I’m still sorta swamped in event stuff. But, none the less I gotta do it!

So let’s get to it shall we my little beeeeeeessss. I’ve been on a bee kick this month, probs the result of Crystal, a friend and the owner of Beehive, creating a new event called Bees through the Seasons. I love honey bees, and honey irl so it only meshes that i would adore it in sl too. For this i ended up wearing this necklace from MG, which I have blogged before, but it’s bug related xD i can’t escape the madness~ For the rest of the look i stuck to one thing i know well, Rose! Not ME, sillies, but my old Harry Potter character. i grew her up, changed her skin and hair, and tada, her style has blossomed. She is known for wearing weird, and at times, overly tacky things, but as she grew up, I wanted her to mild down on the tack end of things. Though, because of who she is, i’ll never stop 100%, and I can promise you more looks will come of her being….a mess tbh xD So back to clothes~ Wearing a few things from Tres Blah today, my skin like normal because honestly I’m not living with out it, and this cardigan that I’ve seen all over the grid since I started! I’ve wanted it for a while but could never figure out where to get it, but I stumbled across it the other day while over at lamb, to buy this hair Ruby I’m wearing, and I couldn’t say no.  It works for both prim and proper looks and more laid back, comfy type styles. It’s very me, and that’s what I like about Tres Blah, it works for anyone if you put in the extra effort to make it your own.

Then we go to the shoooooooooooooooeeess. These were a FLF item from tulip. and i love them. Probably no longer 50L, but they are worth the regular price for sure. I love the studs and how they aren’t over…studdy? lol idk, but i like them alot. Oh man I keep failing to uppercase my I in this pose, WHATEVER OK? SOMETIMES IT HAPPENS…moving on~ i love them for sure, they fit the foot really well, I mean like, to the point were they look costumed made! I just like them alot. There is also, which is hard to see because i forgot to take a close up -epppp!- this really pretty bracelet from ISON, also a FLF item, it’s pretty cool and i am in love with it. Very creative and original. It works again, like many of my pieces in my looks, well in any style if you use it right. My friend jim was wearing the black version while I was wearing the amber, and they looked completely different on us xD

Ok, and for the finale of this post~ NEW RELEASE FROM BEETLEBONES. I am over the moon in love with these pants guys. They are called the Boyfriend Cord (and the cardigan I am wearing is also named Boyfriend Cardigan lol ) and they are so pretty and just, amazing. Sue has been a great friend of late helping me with my mesh item woes and uploading issues, and she shares a love of computer animation and modeling like me. I’ve always loved her stuff, would live in her store if given the choice, so these pants, they are priceless to me. The come in 10 colors, all pictured below, in two color sets, darks and lights. The first one I put on was the mint one(far right) and it matched perfect with my current outfit and I just fell in love! BeetleBones in one of my favorite brands on the grid, and that’s not just because I know Sue! It’s because no matter what, her items are always creative, beautiful, and practical. They carry a witty humor and effervescence about them that most clothes lack-well to me at least. Her random creations like her Hamsters for the arcade and harry potter flying brooms, are what I think, sets her apart from the rest of the people on sl. Along with her just  as cute and ofc talented sister Anya, Sue’s stuff is my love of all loves. These items will be available tomorrow (10.21.12) at the Attic at the docks for only 95L a pack. crazy yes? I think so.  But she’s got a way of bring in the masses like you really would not believe! Even with out knowing sue, you can tell from her creations that she’s a light hearted, witty, and wonderful person. I’m honored to befriend such a beautiful soul. SO BUY HER PANTS OK? ily sue ❤

I think with this outfit i was somehow being very silly unknowingly to me! The pants and cardigan both have the name Boyfriend in it, and the necklace is named LoveBug…and I just so happen to have a new boyfriend-OH LOOK AT THE TIME BETTER BEEE OFF TO BUZZ AROUND THE HIVE… >/////> yea love you guys and thanks for reading xD

– Rose ❤

  • Skin: -tb- (Tan) Indie: Plain Jane – Red Brows
  • Hair: !lamb. Ruby (Mesh) – Left Brained
  • Eyes: {D.A} Injected Sombre Blue
  • Brows: Cheap Makeup – Parisian Eyebrows Blackest Black
  • Lashes: Cheal Makeup – Tableau Lashes FREE
  • Top: M*G*S TankTop White
  • Cardigan: -tb- Boyfriend Cardigan – Verona 1
  • Pants: ::BB:: Boyfriend Cords S (Mint) NEW @ for The Attic at the Docks
  • Shoes: tulip.Studded Loafer (Lavender)
  • Bracelet: ISON – avlary claw bracelet(amber)
  • Necklace: MG – Necklace – LoveBug SMALL – Long

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