We’ve got our hats and we’ve got our shoes so let’s RUN RUN RUN

New times, new adventures mean new changes, and this is a tiny one! Hello my lovelies! Today I bring you collab/mashup post with my dear friendie Elisa from Okkbye! See her post here! She’s a fairly new blogger but she’s growing in popularity for her fresh and clean pictures and her quirky cute style. I love this girl to pieces she has been one of my longest SL friend, almost since the start of my first time rping! 
So on to the post yes? So for starters I am now being sponsored by a number of stores which equals = YAY!  It means the world to me that you all think my posts and pictures are up to your standards! First up are these Minnie Mouse stockings from BeeHive, thank you Crystal, I love these and find myself making about half of my recent posts(soon to come <3)  with them, they work so well. I decided to go a bit more minimal with my look today thus the stockings and only the blouse, which was a past 50 Linden Friday item from color.me.h.o.f. I remember when I first when to that store, it was tiny, and now it’s grown, shows you how over just a number of months, with some hard work and determination, you can do anything! Ha! This blouse is priceless honestly, it reminds me of  denium but at the same time it looks like a cotton shirt as well. Not sure but it’s beautiful, I am a sucker for texturing of this type, were you can see the shadows and wrinkles have been painted by hand, but at the same time can pass for real. Beautiful work!
Moving on we hit the shoes, which I got at the Arcade Gatcha event! Hurry guys only about a week or so left of this event. They are from Ingneue, and I just can’t. The fact that both me and Elisa picked pointy shoes is actually what inspired me to pick this pose! The bow on the toe of the show is so well made, as if the modeler simple took a ribbon and folded is lightly in real life! It’s perfect and so very sophisticated. What you can’t see in this picture is that I used two colors, on the right foot I used the Dove color and on the left the Rare Noir color~ It added a cute touch. Next is this clutch, guys is this now so cute? I’m not one for spikes, I don’t like them too much, but on this clutch, I die. It’s also from BeeHive, and I almost fell over when I put it on in world. It looks sooo good, and the coloring, which I am always picking on, it so good, it’s bright, but bright in the right way, and the shadows on it are beautiful and so very real. I don’t know it’s just..MINE ❤
Ok, last few things and then you can leave this once again novel I adore writing. Let’s move on to my jewlery~ Ahhhh this month at Collab I bought alot of things, but I didn’t really want to show it all off yet, going to post my contest entry for it soon so you will see then :3 But, I just can’t not wear these two pieces from MG. The necklace, many people have told me is ‘so Rose’, and I have to agree, it would be me to walk around wearing a necklace called “Lovebug.” It’s silly and cute, and the stones can change colors! I love it, can make them match any outfit. The pack at Collab also comes with silver versions, so if you’re not into gold, try the silver. There are 3 lengths to choose from as well. The next thing is the earring(s) I’ve got on. My mistake when I first bought them I ended up placing both the silver and gold versions for my left ear on at the same time. Wupz right? Well, in the end not really. I just adjusted the position of them so it looks like one earring! I also find wearing only one is be so fun, it’s a look I normally do with my feather earrings in sl, but it’s a nice change. The triangle pattern of the metal pieces is unique to say the least, The pack also comes with a neck that I didn’t want to wear with this look but it will find it’s way into another soon ❤
Andddd for the last bit, but by far, my favorite! My hair is the recent male hair release from !lamb. I saw it and thought, WHY NOT? I was feeling adventurous, so I bought it. I features the mint version of this hair in my first Arcade post  a few weeks ago and I still find myself wearing it. It’s just, a great piece of hair. I’ve got my eyes on the new Burley hair for guys with the half saved hair and the pony tail on the top, I want it, but I can’t buy a demo :c so until then, I shall run around with this one! The pink adds a great touch to this look I think, it just makes it “pop” is a sublet way? No? Anywhoo, next is the hat! I’ve worn this hat too in another picture,but I love it. That tends to happen alot, I get favorites and they pop up from time to time, over and over. Wupz! Okkk now my last two, but I can’t live without items! My skin and eyebrows! Ahhh these pups are from Cheap Makeup and I die, every time I stare at my face in sl. I don’t take them off, I just can’t they are perfect! It amazes me how many thin brows or “naturally” spars eyebrows skins have these days. I mean, sure, you want to appeal to a great audience, but us brushy eyebrow ladies need something like these! i gave in like a week ago and bought the fat pack, I just couldn’t guys, they were calling me. I’m obsessed 100% over these. To pair them off, the PERFECT skin for me, Indie from Tres Blah! Ugh, never has a skin molded to my shape so perfectly! I needed to adjust NOTHING. I hate messing with shapes I am no good at it, so when skins don’t look good on me, I blame the skin xD lol not true but I get upset for sure.  My friend Fiz mentioned the store had skins, and me being an idiot had never realized what beauties they were. I have problems with lag at the Lula sim (lol because no one else does :P) and it makes rezzing everything in the store under 5 minutes near impossible so the few times I’ve dare go into the sim and try to shop, I never seem to see the skins. But this time, I stayed, for a good 30 minutes buying all the demos, trying them on, looking around. I’m in love with Tres Blah, if I could I would like in that store. Everything is my style I just, don’t even what to think of my poor balance xD Going to hit zero each time I try to go in there! This skin is perfect. I mean it. The flushed cheeks, the deep eyelids, the mole, the nose. I just, am in love. I don’t know why, but I love it so much. I would love to have the other skins from there! Her makeup versions make my life. Gotta save save save then yes? Yes I think so. OK that’s enough about that! I hope you guys enjoyed this monster, dragons, hugmougus post! Yikes someone stop me, writing like there is no tomorrow D: 
-Love you my little muffins <33333
Rose ❤

My outfit (left):

  • Skin: tre blah {tan} indie: plain jane
  • Eyes: Dead Apples – sinistre drowned blue
  • Hair: !lamb – eraserhead – blush
  • Hairbase: !lamb – male hairbase blond
  • Hat: *Agrace* straw fedora
  • Eyebrows: Cheap Makeup – parisan eyebrows
  • Necklace: MG – necklace lovebug (collabor88 item)
  • Earrings: MG earrings alletta (collabor88 item)
  • Blouse: color.me.h.o.f – button down shirt
  • Thights:  BeeHive – minnie mouse thights
  • Clutch:  BeeHive – studded clutch (red&gold)
  • Shoes: Ingenue – ariane shoes (dove & noir)

Elisa’s outfit(right):

  • Skin: .:Mother Goose’s:. soomi-2 (cleavage)
  • Eyes: Mojo real eyes brown – with light
  • Hair:  M O N S hair – riri brown
  • Eyeshadow: l.fauna – smokey cat  shadow (golden/brown)
  • Lash: Redgrave – 16 – elemental
  • Cardigan: Milk Motion – classic cardigan grey
  • Top: ::pm:: fab top in cream
  • Pants: tram tweed tuck pants green
  • Shoes: elate! kate flats green

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