Falling into Autumn

Ah! Helllllllllllo there! It’s been a week an ahalf now has it? Yikes! Well business is booming in the editing world so I’ve been too caught up in photoshop for others to worry about my own D: But, today I bring you a post jam packed with yummy goodies! My freebie posts are put on hold for the moment, since I have such little time to go hunting, everything I have here I’ve bought :X I know, Rose is buying things now? It happens! But don’t fret my lovelies! I shall be bringing you freebie stuff soon :3 Before we get into the post, let me talk about a contest I joined! Clicking the image below will take you to my flickr post about it!
The Arcade Photography Contest by: NamiNaeko Resident -Falling into Autum 
 This is my entry for the Arcade contest! I know I have little to no chance of winning compared to some of the more, and obviously deserving photos that have been submitted, but I thought I might as well take a jab at it. The Arcade event has to be my top favorite events so far in my SL life! I loved Epoch a while a ago, but sorry my dearest Anya and her sister Sue, but something about the Arcade just set my hair a blaze. It might be the fact that it’s gamble each go at a machine. It could be the way that no matter what you get, you are still getting something. Or even, and this is probably it, you get to interact with others like I’ve never had the chance to in SL before! Total strangers trading gotcha prizes! Friends are made, group chats are flooded, all in all it’s a good time :3 So, enough of my babble!
As fall is now upon us, this is by far my favorite time of year. I live in the south in the U,S, so we don’t get loads of polar bears and snowboarding over here, BUT, when the weather starts to cool, it’s so peaceful here!  I was inspired by the georgious sim my friend(s) own. They decorated it to the seasons, and i have to say, it’s really beautiful. I sometimes come down just to look at the pretty trees, or I try to before lag hits me. SOMEONE buy me a new computer please! Ahah! Back to the blog! This look, was something that I sorta of am in love with. The hair, bow, shoes, and coat all scream Autumn!
Everything is this look is a mix of cute and elegant. For the sake of keeping this blog shorter than my last one, I won’t be writing my usal novel length paragraphs about each product, I’m sure those bore you all to deaht (but those few whom enjoy my nonesenscal tatter, I love you to bits! 
I want to talk to you all more about, well, fall! It’s the time of year that I am the happiest in. The smell of cinnaomion, the crisp leaves. The fresh and cool hair. The ice freezing water. The grey colored skies. The whole thing in of itself is something I am so happy to be able to experince. This look, was the first embarkment on me really saying hello to this beloved season of mine. This is also the time of year when a few major things in my life roll around. My mothers birthday, my own birthday, and Thanks Giving (for us folks here in the states) All three events are near and dear to my heart, and it’s one of the main reasons I adore fall.
This look gave me a chance to really enjoy that in my new found love, SL. These coats are a new release from *Tea Time*, and the texturing is perfection. Most coats I have seen lack, something, and after seeing these bad boys by Tea, I have to tell you, it’s the color and the detailing that was missing! The side panels are adorned in different patterns, each very organic and remistent of leaves, wind, yarn, fall.  The attention to color choice and pattern is expectly done. The second I saw these, I was so happy. Normally I stick to silly, goofy, odd ball style, but with these coats I got a chance to explore the soft, gentle, sophsticated side to me that I didn’t know was there.  I paired it with cute items that brought out my sort of quirky tastes. The bow is an addition that takes this look from fab, to rad. Thank you so much Tea! You actually made me feel something with this post, not just be like “oh that’s pretty, I’ll blog it.” you made me remember that fall is here, and this is the time of year where I as a person, am happiest ❤
(Coat colors in: Blue/Yellow, Green/Orange, Redva/azure, Brown/Red)

Items Induced found at The Arcade:
  • Cameras: Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera : Red, OrangeBlue, and GrandpaOldCamera.RARE. 
  • Shoes: Inqenue :: Ariane :: Noir RARE 
  • Hamster: ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster – Sunshine
  • Eggs: !Ohmai Breakfast Eggs in Green, Polka Dot Black, and White
  • Spice Jar: !Ohami Spice Jar in Mr. Giraffe – Cinnamon 
  • Pose: aDORKable Poses: Honey Dork Pack Pose # 9 

 Not found at the Arcade: 
  • Hair: Magika – Tendency Hud 1 
  • Skin:*MY UGLYDOROTHY – Skin of Sunday23 
  • Bow: LaGyo_A girl’s bow(current collab88 item) 
  • Scarf: Shakeup – Tye-Dye Scarf [Brown] 
  • Stockings: [ Attitudes ] lace pantyhose – black D 
  • Coat: AUTUMN LONG JACKET *Tea Time*tysm Tea  <333

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