I’d catch a Monk-kay for ya.

ImageHi there my loves! So i bring you another little blog post. I got inspired by these too cute monkeys from *MishMish*. They come in four pretty colors, and in three versions, an attachable pet that follows you while you fly, walk, and sit, and it moves along with you, a little cute mini version to sit on your shoulder, and then as a hanging mouthie! So cute, and i love them. They speak to you in local when you attach, click, and dettach them. They melted my heart, and I am sure they will you too! They are available now only at 100 Block Event!  I mean come on how can you not love these guys? I’ve been sick irl for the past four days and these little guys have been my companions over that time. So, when today I decided to put together my blog post I really wanted to include them, and I got this idea, to center my blog around things that made my bad days turn into good ones.


I wanted to look at what tiny things I wore, that could make me feel better, and take my mind off the fact that I was dying irl. from sneezing, coughing, sniffles. God my throat and nose still hurt as I type this. It sucks being sicks, so kids, don’t get sick, like EVER. Just don’t. Anywho, I had been running around in this kitty cat stocking that my friends and sister Jim has made a little bit ago, and I couldn’t take them off, I still haven’t, I love them too much to part with them. The adorable face, are just so nice. On the back it even has drawn in cat tails! You have to check out Jim’s MP store, her stuff is just so adorable, fun, but  also easy to wear, with out making your outfit look boring. I can’t wait to see what else she makes, and if she ever gets into modeling and mesh, I can just tell she’s going to be something big! So along with that, this hair from Truth has got me all kind of happy. The little tied up piggy tails are so niceeeee. I adore this hair color too, leaning more towards reds lately >w<

Well, then came this skin, which, some of you might notice, doesn’t look *exactly* like my normal skin. It’s not! I went with my best buddy Elisa and her bf, to Tres Blah because i wanted to see the pale shade of their skins, and I couldn’t stop myself and I bought it! This skin, is so pretty, it’s just, striking. I adore the eye makeup, the lips, the blush, just so beautiful. I had to include it in this post because it made me feel so much better today, i forgot I was sick when I put it on and looked at myself. Elisa said I should forever wear Tres Blah skins and I have to agree, there is just something about this Blessa skin that is “Rose”. I don’t know what it is, but nothing else looks right on me! While there I picked up some eyes and this Spanish blouse. It is sculpted, but look at this texturing. It’s so pretty I couldn’t say no. And to round this out, let’s talk about my scarf, gloves, and shoes. All from Mr. Poet. I haven’t taken off these shoes since i got them, they are a brand new release by Mr. Poet, and they are only 270L for the whole fat pack! it includes a hud that had almost any color you can think of, each part of the shoe is texture changeable, and it’s just, beautiful. The scarf and gloves are from a jacket from Mr. Poet, but I took the jacket off because it was blocking most of the outfit, but it will be shown in a later blog 😉 . I love these finger less gloves and this scarf, how it’s so soft and warm looking. i felt cozy wearing both these pieces.  All these things have helped me to feel so much better today, it’s almost amazing how some pixels can do that 😀


In the photo I am wearing another pair of tights, this time by [okkbye]

  • Skin: -tb- {Pale} Blessa: Bardot – Dark Brows
  • Eyes: -tb- Jejune Icey Eyes
  • Hair: >TRUTH< Zuzka – pumpkinpie
  • Shoes: ::Mr.Poet::Derby
  • Stocking: “Jim”-Kitten Stockings
  • Blouse: -tb- Viento Peasant Blouse
  • Gloves: ::Mr.Poet::Fingerless gloves Camel
  • Makeup: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lovely line6
  • Necklaces: .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – ❤ – RARE
  • Scarf: ::Mr.Poet::Snood_Brown
  • Ring: Noodles – Delicate Heart Ring Gold
  • Earring; Noodles – Ram Horns Earrings R GoldTil next time guys ❤

– Rose ❤

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