Grannie’s Gotcha – The Arcade Gotcha Event #1

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——-~{ + }~——-

There was an old Grannie, who had a great style.
One day she got paid and shopped for a while.
To the Arcade is where she ended up,
And that’s where this Grannie, tested her luck.
——-~{ + }~——-
The Girl with the Pot on her head.
  • Hair: (fd) Stone Soup – Burger Clown
  • Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY – Skin of Sunday23
  • Eyes: INKON Utopia Eyes – Pale Mint+Gold
  • Shirt: Schadenfreude Ivory Oxford Shirt
  • Pants: caLLie cLine unisex jeans
  • Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex”
  • Headband: (TokiD) side headband (2)
  • Bag: :pesca: old shoulder bag/shika-green
  • Necklace: Willow~ Bottled Magic Necklace – Aged Gold (store closed)
  • Plushie: Schadenfreude Yellow Foxy Stole (@ the Arcade)
  • Watch: *katat0nik* #5 (candy green) Nada Watch (@ the Arcade)
  • Ring: Shakeup! Vintage Ring [10] (@ the Arcade)

Cray Grandie 

  • Hair: !lamb. Eraserhead – Mint
  • Skin & Shape: (Wrigglesworth) Olden Girl Violet
  • Eyes: Dead Apples Mesh Eyes – Magic Brown
  • Top: *Tea Time* DEER SWEATER – Cream
  • Skirt: .Eclair:. Anna leather skirt – Black
  • Socks: *Tea Time* Suspender socks – Writing
  • Shoes: (fd) Bucket Heel – Black
  • Hat: *ARGRACE* Straw Fedora
  • Earring: p!tty: Native American Girl – Feather Earring – No Hoop
  • Bag: *Tea Time* Work Bag
  • Necklace: *Tea Time* ABSTRACT WOOD NECKLACE
  • Makeup: Cheap Makeup– Parisian Eyebrows – Red Brows / Dead Apples – Lipstick Matte black /  Dead Apples Glam Eyeshadows – Glam Gold /Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes DOUBLE #10 (gotcha machine at store)
   Why hello hello hello! It’s me! Well, duh, I’m not really sure who else it could be…so yay! I’ve brought you another blog (my look book is on pause for a bit, working on clients, events, and now I’m in a photograph studio so my time is all sdfusdofw0e9r8 at the moment!) So, as mmmaaaannnny of you know, the Arcade event is going on! I have to admit, I bought too much. But, I regret NOTHING. It was all sooo cute, adorable, and not to mention some of the things I got I can actually use in rp. Over all the event is a hit. The mesh hamster featured in this picture is by ::BB:: (Beetlebones) and is one of the most popular items at the event! I have many more post to come in the future featuring most of the things I got and they will be coming a bit later, but they are laden with mesh hamster avis. These are running please close to my most beloved thing in sl!
  Ok, on to the look! Now, for these pictures I’ve come up with this idea of a series. It’s a story in a sense, and we are going to be following around this spunky little grandma here as she buys all the things! My goal here is to really get you my readers involved in what I make, and this seems to be a great way to do it. So, starting off I want to give a big warm hug and loud thank you to *Tea Time* for becoming this blog’s SECOND sponsor! I’ve been in love with Tea’s stuff for ages, but never got around to buying anything because my resources were always so far and few between. Being ASKED to be a blogger of such a great shop is an honor. I’m really not just saying this because I get to blog all the pretty stuff now, it’s because honestly, the texturing on these items are superb, the options, colors, patterns, they all rock, and stand a part from the other stores I’ve been too. So thank you Tea!
  This look, was something last minute-I know, I do alot of that. I was messing with my avi, and on a whim, bought this skin and shape from Wrigglesworth that I have been pinning after for almost the entire year. It’s a dream of mine to be able to play an old lady character in a film or stage production of any kind. Something about it just appeals to me. So this skin called Violet, was priceless to me. I couldn’t NOT have it when I finally had the chance to get it. It also comes with a prim hair potion, but I opted off of wearing it in this piece because the hat I wanted to wear I didn’t work with it, so  I instead choose this one by !lamb. called Eraserhead. It’s actually a male avi hair, but I liked it too much to say no. What you can’t really see in this picture is that it’s actually a Mohawk. The sides are shaved off and so is the bottom portion of the back. It’s one of those hair styles that just scream “I DON’T CARE”. I’m in love with it, and I couldn’t stop myself from getting it! The eyes, lipstick, and golden eye shadow are all from Dead Apples. Her makeup and eyes are very afforable. I bought about 4 sets of mesh eyes and I love them so much. You can mix and match the different colors seeing how each mesh eye is it’s own item. The eye shadows from her Glam serious are, and I’m not joking about this, something I’ve wanted since I started in SL. I it was one of the very first things I actually looked on the markerplace when I first when shopping. They just are so pretty. I’m not sure, but they leave this smoldering kind of look. The lipstick is the PERFECT black lip! It comes with a set of prim teeth that are actually pretty cool and work with many different looks.
  Back to *Tea Time* k? This sweater is one of the new items. It comes in four sizes and three other colors (teal, yellow, and beige). What made me oh “OH!” when I saw them were the elbows! They resemble the kind of elbow padding you would see on a smokers blazer. It’s a very cute look and mixes the feminine and masculine aspect very well. This baggy boat neck sweater is beautiful textures and I have to say, the graphics on the front are pretty cool as well. Also from Tea, is this bag, which comes in three version (prop, no pose, and static pose) . I actually intend on wearing this on my rp character because she is always running around giving others flowers and collecting things to put in her potions. It works very well in fact! The last item from Tea, is this necklace. I love the beads and how they progressively get much smaller as they head towards the back, it’s very cute and again, I can’t stress this enough, the texturing! Ah, so beautiful.
The last couple of things are these shoes from Fashionably Dead. They are called the Bucket heel, and remind me of my child hood. They look like a t-strap Mary Jane, just with a heel. The sock sculpt is adorable. The way it gathers at your heel, just prefect! This skirt is from .Eclair. and was a last minute buy for me. I wanted a high waisted skirt that could work with the sweater, but not be huge. It’s mesh and comes in another color. It’s was only seventy linden and it was well worth it for the way the drapping lies on your shape.  Last is this hat from *ARGRACE* it comes in a few other color and is modifiable so you can re size to your hearts content!
Moving on (I know this is long ok, my fingers are tired too xD), we reach the freaked out girl wearing a pot on her head in the picture. The hair is called Stone Soup, again from Fashionably Dead, and the pot is built in! There has a similar style minus the pot, if anyone is looking for something close to that.  The shirt is from Schadenfreude, it’s simple, and comes in many different colors, and a varieties of selves, and tails option. The pants are from caLLie cLine, and are made for either male or female avis. The cuffs are prims that can be adjusted to side. Last for clothing are the shoes. These were a gift for the Whore Couture Event a while ago, but they are still available at *GF* for normal price, and the style “Alex” comes in two other finishes and a rainbow of colors.
Now we get to the accessories! First is this headband from TokiD. I bought it because I secretly wanted to be like Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service! It’s adorable and again, like most things in this post, comes in other colors!  The plushie shale, ring(which can’t be seen, will insert a close up of it later), bag and the watch are all gotcha items from the Arcade event. This plushie Fox stole is too cute! It reminds me of the one fox that Anya Ohmai made a while back, but this one is meant to look like a toy draped over your shoulders! The watch is super cute too! It looks like a child watch which is mainly the reason I wanted it. It’s very youthful and the color is just-ahhh amazing! I love green so this just took the cake! Then this bag, ugh I just can’t, the running deer pattern is so nice and the size of it is’t too big. The handle was modeled very well because I can adjust this bag to my liking and the handle horrible wide! It’s wonderful!
That’s if for my first post on the arcade. More will be coming. This was just a starter piece, but I promise you it’s alot! You’ve got until the 15th of October to play your luck with the gotchas so go head and try!

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