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Hallows and Fashion

Hello hello hellooooo my lovelies! It’s been a while since I did a proper blog of this sport. I jazzed up the pictures in the post this time for one reason: I FINALLY RELEASED SOMETHING~ *throws dull multicolored confetti around* I know, you probably didn’t even know, or care, but alas, I need to tell … Continue reading

The Rose LookBook #002

OH HAI. NICE TO SEE YOU MA LOVLIES <3Sooooooooooooo, starting off with this layout of my look book, likes? Dislikes? Oh what does it matter, honestly, I am going to go photoshop nuts every time with out the input of on the to the clothes! Well, this look was really, once again, something I put together on a … Continue reading


Why hello there my little lovies! Ahhh I know I know it’s been MONTHS since I last posted anything. To be fair, it wasn’t my fault. I had the unfourtant happen to me over the summer and it resulted my internet being cut off and life as I know it changing drastically. But do not fret … Continue reading

Checker Boarding my way to You

Checker Boarding my way to You

Well hello there again my lovelies :3. Today I bring you another almost completely free look! There are a few 1L items in here,  so hope yo enjoy this look. I was trying to go for something easy, simple, but at the same time playful. The socks and the bows on the shoes help so … Continue reading

The Casual Grey

The Casual Grey

Normally I stick to a completely free blog post. But this time around I couldn’t help myself from venturing out and feaurting some of the items I’ve picked up in the past few months along with a couple pieces I got for free. This light creamer color top is from Jane, and was actually free. … Continue reading

The Americana Wolf

When creating this look I really wanted to do something a bit  indie, “hipster” style, but leaning more towards the casual bit as well. I also wanted to jump back into doing a COMPLETELY free look! (yes everything in this look was actually free~) I saw that the new fad of wearing the 90’s high-waist jean shorts that has … Continue reading

The first post!

FOR NOW THIS WILL REST HERE WHILE I EDIT THIS BLOG FOR NOW THIS WILL REST HERE WHILE I EDIT THIS BLOG FOR NOW THIS WILL REST HERE WHILE I EDIT THIS BLOG FOR NOW Well as you can see from that lovely picture, that was the first thing I posted on my blog while I editing it. … Continue reading