Breaking Norms and fighting the Assumed.

breaking the norms and fighting the assumed

Ahhh ha! A blog post. Yes yes, more fashion but, if you keep reading, you’ll find out that this is much more than just a ‘fashion post’.

So, lets start this off with a little background on what I was thinking coming into this post. First off all, this was intended to be about Fameshed blog post mixed with some new releases from various stores, however, while jumping around to stores I realized something that had plegd me for a while now. Before that I want to say that over the past year my RL has been evolving just like my sl. Yet, some of the things I’ve learned and come to understand about the world, my paradigm of it if you may, has started to make me look at SL in a whole new light. I won’t go into much on my own personal thoughts because I rather this not become a blog about real life, when most of you are here for a blog about sl, but I want you to understand that where I am coming from is a conflict of both my love for sl but my logical view on the world creeping in. Back to the story of me shopping now~

As I was shopping around, I took a stroll on over to Vive9 to see their newest release of shoes. Beautiful and shiny, I had to stick to only buying one pair, and it was tough. As you can see in this post you don’t see any shoes from Vive9 in here, because at the last moment I changed my outfit.  But these shoes do play a role in this blog, so bear with me. Now, I was also hopping between a few stores and Fameshed, looking at all the things, compiling a good idea for a blog, and a little voice in the back of my brain kept on nagging me to go look at the  Vive Nine Ryvolter – Ulla Translucent Pumps Spikes . Now, if you’ve followed my blog, you might notice that these shoes aren’t quite normally what I go for. They are, beautiful shoes, but not really ‘my’ style so to say. Because of this, I just never bought them, or even really allowed myself to buy them. But today, this morning, I couldn’t get them out of my head. Lately I’ve been feeling boxed in, boxed into this world of  “Rose you’re so cute” or “Omg that’s so cute Roz!” And ofc it’s wonderful to be called cute, but it made me wonder, am I ‘cute’ or has the idea of what Rose is, turned into, whatever Rose makes, it will be cute, whatever she wears, it will be cute, whatever she does, it will be cute. Cute Cute Cute. It’s pretty much the same thing you go through when you’re short, or tall, or fat, or skinny. You’re one thing, and people tell you it over and over and over and over. There comes a point when, you BECOME IT. I’ve BECOME CUTE.

Well slow down there Rose, explain, why is that a bad thing tho? So many people want to be cute, try to be cute (and many do succeed) and you’re lucky enough to be labeled as it, so why are you complaining? See, I’m not complaining so much as I am pointing out that, I’ve become what you all have expected of me. This has made me start to wonder, does this happen to everyone? Unknowingly? We fall into the categories we are label as, and sooner or later, we mold ourselves around this? I’ve seen so many avis out there that look the exact same, and at the same time, I see this overwhelming number of avis who are set on being ‘different’ ‘unique’ ‘one of a kind’ ‘special’ ‘a true picture of me’.  And I can’t help to stop and think, are we all falling into our own traps? How long does it take for us to truly feel fit with ourselves and how our avis portray the parts of us we value most? Or are we basing our avis off of what we’ve been told we are? I’ve always loved cute, small asian, colorful bright things. And it’s no wonder, it’s amazing. But, not that I look at it, I have a dark and sexual side to me that stays hidden, because I’ve become known as the girl in the group who wears bright lime green hair. Far be it from me to say this, but, I’m not sure bright lime green hair, a tutu, sneakers, pink lipstick and some crazy gesture going off, is classed as “Sexy”.  This has become my save zone. I find myself looking in my invi for what is safe, cute, easy, “me.’

Months ago I used to wear everything in my inventory, no matter what, but as I started to hang around more seasoned Slers, I noted that my choice of style, pushed me out of the group. And I’m not sure if it was something they were aware of, but it’s something that did happen. Changing my style to a more ‘cute’ rather than random and over the top style, seemed to get my a more accepted path in SL. This is something that has been on my mind of recent, and it’s starting to naw away at me. I commend those who can open their inventories and put on whatever and not care if it matches, or looks good or cute, and just be happy with whatever. I feel lost in this sea of ‘who really is Rose, and why is she starting to label herself as something she doesn’t even want to be only seen as”. It’s got my thinking of there are others our there that are put under the same pressure, and not mean, evil, you must conform pressure. But rather the pressure to wanting to live up to what you’ve become known as. I’ve been told time and time again, just be Rose, be yourself, and things will go well. So, what is this now? When i’m not being 100% Rose, but rather a Rose I assumed I must be. Things are going good right, so what does that say? Are we all falling into our own traps of assumed identity? Maybe it’s time to break the norm, we all might be happier that way.

I put together two looks of alter egos of my avi, and I wrote from the heart what I was feeling from them. Please excuse the typos and any grammar issues that might be floating around, I wrote and didn’t stop and didn’t intend on going back and fixing anything. SO take a read, and see what they both have to say, and PLEASE IF YOU DO HAVE COMMENTS LEAVE THEM BELOW~ I’d love to hear what you have to say about all this >W<

Til next time my loves ❤

– Rose ❤

Unedited text. Meant to be written in one go, no editing. Raw.

Unedited text. Meant to be written in one go, no editing. Raw.

  • Hair: Exile::You’ve Got The Love Wild Fusion 2 – NEW!
  • Skin: -tb- {Light} Blessa: Clean – Dark Brows
  • Shoes: {mon tissu} Daley T-Strap Heels BLACK – NEW!
  • Nails: -tb- Nail Colour (Tragic)
  • Makeup: .B I R D Y. LANA skin ❤ {LIPSTICK} PASTEL – Ice
  • Necklaces: MG – Necklace – Magdalena Cross – Long – GOLD, Magdalena Cross – Short – GOLD, MG – Necklace – Raisa – Small – GOLD  – ALL @ FEMESHED
  • Bracelet: mijn.botique accessories *crossed bangle* BLACK
  • Bow: Noodles – Cupcake Bow Headband Mint
  • Dress: Tee*fy Odette Dress Mint XXS – NEW @ FAMESHED
  • Sunglasses: [ChicZafari] – Barroco Deluxe Shades Gold
Unedited text. Meant to be written in one go, no editing. Raw.

Unedited text. Meant to be written in one go, no editing. Raw.

  • Skin:-tb- {Light} Blessa: Clean – Dark Brows
  • Hair: Exile::Fire To The Rain Wild Fusion 2 – NEW @ FAMESHED!
  • Dress: Leverocci – Faceted Patent Dress – Nero –  NEW @ FAMESHED!
  • Makeup: .B I R D Y. LANA skin ❤ {LIPSTICK} PASTEL – Ice
  • Nails: flame long nails black
  • Neckalce: MG – Necklace – Raisa – Small – GOLD  NEW @ FAMESHED!
  • Bracelts: mijn.botique accessories *crossed bangle* BLACK, mijn.botique accessories *crossed bangle* GOLD ,mijn.botique accessories *minimal studded clock* gold , mijn.botique accessories *minimal studded clock* silverSunglasses: [ChicZafari] – Barroco Deluxe Shades Gold

2 thoughts on “Breaking Norms and fighting the Assumed.

  1. Perfect! i have a similar problems i have been dealing with & it also created controversy over the outfits i wore on a day to day basis and also affected my blog /: This soo put everything into perspective, and literally everything you have said is soo true lol! thank you (:

    • No ty for replying. It’s good to see that I’m not the only person falling prey to this sort of thing 😀

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